Synästec Audiosysteme GmbH

The Synaestec team was established in 2005. Driven by a passion to reproduce music of unprecedented accuracy and aesthetic merit, we are committed to developing high-precision audio equipment of the finest quality.

Our products are built with the most advanced technology available in the world today and luxury components without compromise. Every single piece of our equipment is manufactured according to the strictest instrumental precision, as measured by cutting-edge audio testing equipment in Germany.

It’s Music to the Ears and More

People argue over whether good music should be measured or heard. But such conflicts do not apply to our products because the sounds they produce are a perfect blend of science and art. We attain this by conducting in-depth studies of all sources of distortion, frequency-response irregularities, intermodulation, noise, and by applying the correct means to truly eliminate them, rather than masking them or moving them elsewhere. Un-omissible listening tests confirm what we have achieved—music awakened.

Origin of Synaestec

The name “Synaestec” originates from the word “Synesthesia” (‘Synaesthesie’ in German) meaning stimulation of one sensory leads to automatic experiences in a second sensory. This calls to mind music from a stellar audio system. Rich, nuanced and unforgettable, it evokes images, tastes, smells and tactile sensations, as does only the very best art.